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Keizer Fire District
661 Chemawa Road NE
Keizer, Oregon 97303
PHONE: 503-390-9111
Email: Click here
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Message from the Chief
lineFrequent Phone Numbers
linelineline2012-04-14 22nd Ave N Motor Vehicle Accident
linelineline2008-07-14 Westridge House Fire
linelineline2008-07-11 Youngbood Nursery
linelineline2007-04-12 Keizer Station Heavy Equipment Fire
linelineline2006-08-10 Salem Fire Mutual Aid
linelineline2006-06-10 MVA with Rollover
linelineline2006-05-18 Naples MVA
linelineline2005-07-04 Horse Stuck
linelineline2004-11-10 House Fire
linelineline2004-05-18 MVA at Starbucks
linelineline2004-03-20 Van Fire
linelineline2004-03-05 MVA with Rollover
linelineline2004-02-19 Van Fire
linelineline2004-01-07 Pickup Fire
linelineline2003-07-11 Earthmover
linelineApparatus In-depth
linelinelineEngine 355 (2004 Pierce Dash)
linelineCommunity Events
linelineline2006 Iris Fest Parade
linelinelineGypsy Joker Toy Run '04
linelinelineGypsy Joker Toy Run '03
linelinelineGypsy Joker Toy Run '02
linelinelineMcNary High - Fan Frenzy
linelineline911 Rememberance 2011
linelineHistorical Photos
lineAmbulance Service Privacy Practices
lineDistrict History
lineOffice Hours & Location
lineStation & Apparatus
linelineStation 350
linelinelineDuty 381
linelinelineEngine 355
linelinelineEngine 365
linelinelineEngine 375
linelinelineEngine 385
linelinelineEngine One
linelinelineGrass 378
linelinelineLadder 358
linelinelineMedic 35
linelinelineMedic 36
linelinelineMedic 37
linelinelineRescue 353
linelinelineUtility 354
linelinelineUtility 364
linelinelineUtility 374
linelinelineUtility 394
linelinelineUtlity 351
lineExplorer Post 350
lineFire District Budget
Agenda & Minutes
Boards & Commissions
Frequently Asked Questions
Staff Directory
Community Services
linelinelineBlood Pressure Checks
linelinelineOut of Town
linelinelineStation Tours
linelinelinelineFire Engine / Inquiry Request
Emergency Management
linelinelineVolcanic Ash Info
linelinelineFEMA Unveils Children's Game
linelinelineline2010 Keizer CERT Conference
linelinelineDisaster Planning
linelinelineDisaster Preparedness
linelinelineDisaster Psychology
linelinelineEarthquake Preparedness
linelinelinePets & Disasters
linelinelinelineTree into Home - 07/07/03
linelinelineWest Nile Virus Info
Emergency Medical Response
linelinelineAmbulance Rate Schedule
linelinelineAmbulance Services
linelinelineCapital FireMed
linelinelineEMS Standing Orders
linelinelinelineALS Protocols
linelinelineEmergency Medical Services Week
linelinelinelineEMS Week Open House
linelinelineHealth & Injury Prevention
linelinelinelineBurn Emergencies
linelinelinelineFlu Information
linelinelinelinelineKey Facts
linelinelinelinelineBasic Flu Prevention
linelinelinelineHeart Attack Warning Signs
linelinelinelineKnow Stroke. Know the Signs
linelinelineMake the Right Call
linelinelineYour Address
linelinelineEMS Week Open House
Fire Administration
linelinelineAnnual Report
linelinelineFire District Goals
linelinelineDeployment Plan
linelinelinelineCurrent Employee of the Year
linelinelinelineCurrent EMT of the Year
linelinelinelineCurrent Firefighter of the Year
linelinelinelineCurrent Rookie of the Year
linelinelineFire District Budget
linelinelineline2013/2014 Budget
linelinelineline2011/2012 Budget
linelinelineline2008/2009 Budget
linelinelineline2006/2007 Budget
linelinelineline2005/2006 Budget
linelinelineline2004/2005 Budget
linelinelineGeneral Statistics & Info
linelinelineISO Rating
linelinelineOregon Fire Laws
Fire Investigation
linelinelineAfter the Fire!
linelinelineArson Investigation
linelinelineCauses of Fire
Fire Prevention/Life Safety
linelinelineFire Prevention Week 2013
linelinelinelineOpen House 2013
linelinelineHome Fire Safety
linelinelinelineCandle Safety / La Seguridad de la vela
linelinelinelineCooking Safety
linelinelinelineE.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills In The Home)
linelinelinelineElectrical Hazards
linelinelinelineExtension Cord Safety
linelinelinelineMobile Home Fire Safety
linelinelinelinePortable Heater Safety
linelinelinelineResidential Fire Sprinklers
linelinelinelinelineAdvantages of Fire Sprinklers
linelinelinelinelineTest Your Home Fire Sprinkler Knowledge
linelinelinelineSmoke and Your Safety
linelinelinelineWoodstove Safety
linelinelineBusiness Self-Fire Inspection Program
linelinelineBusiness/Public Safety
linelinelinelineAdult Foster Homes
linelinelinelinelineAdult Foster Home Checklist
linelinelinelineApartment Safety Tips
linelinelinelineApartment/Rental Units
linelinelinelineBusiness Safety Checklist
linelinelinelineBusiness Self-Fire Inspection Guidelines
linelinelinelinelineBusiness Self Fire & Life Inspection Checklist
linelinelinelinelineSelf Inspection Intro Letter
linelinelinelinelineSelf-Fire Inspection Form
linelinelinelineChild Day Care Facilities
linelinelinelinelineFire Protection of Child Care Facilities (OAR 414-. . .
linelinelinelineEmergency Planning
linelinelineHoliday Fire Safety
linelinelinelineTurkey Fryer Safety
linelinelineRental Unit Resources
linelinelinelineDownloadable Handouts
linelinelineBackyard & Agricultural Burning
linelinelinelineWhat Not to Burn Photos
linelinelineBusiness Inspections
linelinelineFire & Safety Programs
linelinelineFire Hydrants
linelinelineFire Safety Facts & Hints
linelinelinelineFire Safety Hints for Babysitters
linelinelinelineFire Safety Hints for Everyone
Fire Service Training
linelinelineVolunteer Firefighter Information
linelinelinelineFrequently Asked Questions
linelinelinelineRecruit Training
linelinelinelineSocial Activities
linelinelinelineStep-By-Step Membership Procedure
linelinelinelineVolunteer Firefighter Position Description
linelinelinelineWhat Keizer Fire Provides for You!
Fire Suppression
linelinelineCar Fires
linelinelineEngine Company Operations
linelinelineLadder Company Operations
linelinelineRadio Call Signs
Hazardous Materials Response
linelinelineHazard Substance Surveys
Homepage Ads
Maintenance & Repair
Public Education & Classes
linelinelineCarbon Monoxide
linelinelinelineCarbon Monoxide Q & A
linelinelineFire Drills
linelinelineFire Extinguisher Instruction
linelinelineJuvenile Firesetters Intervention
linelinelineOutdoor Fire Safety
linelinelinelineRV Fire Safety
linelinelinelineSummer Time Safety
linelinelineSmoke Alarms Save Lives!
linelinelinelineSmoke Alarms Q & A
Safety Information
linelinelineChild Safety Seats
linelinelinelineChild Safety Seat Tips
linelinelineHalloween Safety
linelinelineBurn Emergencies
linelinelineCalling the Fire District
linelinelineCan We Find You?
linelinelineCode 3
linelinelineOverheated Dryers Can Cause Fires!
linelinelinePortable Generators: How to use them safely!
linelinelineWater Safety
linelinelineWinter Emergencies
Technical Rescue
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