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661 Chemawa Rd NE
Keizer, OR 97303
Phone: 503-390-9111
Fax: 503-390-8299
Contact: Fire Chief Jeff Cowan
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Keizer Fire District
661 Chemawa Road NE
Keizer, Oregon 97303
PHONE: 503-390-9111
Email: Click here
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Frequently Requested Phone Numbers

The Keizer Fire District works hard to provide the public with accurate and pertinent information. Below are phone numbers that may be of benefit to Keizer citizens needing assistance in Keizer Fire District or City of Keizer matters. [Note: The Keizer Fire District tries to be as accurate as possible in providing this information. Please contact us at 503-390-9111 with any corrections or additions.]


Abandoned Autos ~ Vehicles parked on the street that do not travel at least one-tenth of a mile in a 72-hour period are considered abandoned. Contact Keizer Police Department, 503-390-3713.
(Note: Vehicles with expired tags and in poor condition on private property can be considered solid waste and/or junk. See Code Enforcement)



Adopt-A-Street Program ~ If you are interested in “adopting" a Keizer street to keep clean and free of litter and debris. Contact the Public Works Department, 503-856-3561.

Agricultural Burning ~ People who plan to Ag Burn in the Keizer Fire District boundaries, need to call the Fire District Fire Prevention Office, Monday thru Friday, prior to burning at 503-390-9111. Marion Co. FD #1 residents, contact 503-588-6524.

Ambulance Bills ~ Billing is done through the City of Salem, 503-588-6538.

Animal Control ~ For dogs and other animals that are a nuisance. Contact Marion County Animal Control, 503-588-5366.

Animal Rescue ~ The Keizer Fire District does respond under certain situations for animal rescues. Contact Keizer Fire District, 503-390-9111.

Arts ~ Keizer Art Association, 503-390-3010.

Automobile Accident Reports ~ Report forms are located at the Keizer Police Department at 503-390-3713 or at any office of the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles and are available online. An accident report is required when damage to any one person's property exceeds $1000 or there is bodily injury (No matter how minor) or a death is caused by the accident.

Baby Seat Check ~ To have your child safety seat checked for proper installation & fit. Contact Public Education Specialist Anne-Marie Storms or  at 503-390-9111 to schedule an appointment.

Backyard Burning ~ The City of Keizer has banned backyard burning within the city limits.

Basketball Hoops ~ Basketball hoops are not permitted on any public right-of-way within the City. For more information, contact City Hall, 503-856-3438.

Bee Removal ~ See “Bee Removal” in the yellow pages of your phonebook. If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.

Bicycle Paths ~ Bike path maps are available at the City Hall. For more information, contact City Hall, 503-390-3700.

Block Party/Major Community Event Permits ~ A City permit is required for all block parties. A block party is an outdoor event that affects the normal flow of traffic through either blocking of a city street or increased traffic near the event site. A sound permit is required if amplification equipment is used to broadcast music or speeches. Block party applications should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. Applications may be picked up at City Hall.

Parades, festivals, runs, walks and other special events fall under the “Major Community Event” category and require a special permit. Applications for these events should be submitted three months prior to the event date.
Applications are available through the Public Works Department, 503-390-3700.

Blood Pressure Checks ~ Walk-in blood pressure checks are available at the Keizer Fire District office, 661 Chemawa Rd NE.

Brooks Fire Station ~ See Marion County Fire District.

Building Inspections/Codes ~ To schedule an inspection, call the Marion County Building Department, 503-588-5147.

Building Permits ~ Before beginning a construction project, check with the City of Keizer Planning Department, 503-856-3440.

CPR Classes ~ The Keizer Fire District does not currently hold CPR classes. Please contact the American Red Cross, 503-585-5414 or Salem Hospital, 503-562-6001.

Cable Television ~ Comcast, 1-888-824-8264.

Chamber of Commerce ~ The Keizer Chamber of Commerce is located at 980 Chemawa Rd NE, 503-393-9111.

Chemical Spills ~ See “Hazardous Materials Spills.” If life or property is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1 on your telephone.

Christmas Tree Lighting ~ Santa arriving on fire truck to light the tree. Annual event in December. Contact the Keizer Fire District office, 503-390-9111.

City Council Agenda/Minutes ~ For information regarding City Council agendas or minutes, contact the City Recorder’s office, 503-390-3700.

Clearlake Fire Station ~ See Marion County Fire District #1.

Code Enforcement ~ This office enforces the City Code on items such as abandoned autos, unsightly yards (solid waste/zoning violations), and other nuisances, 503-856-3438. To report overgrown or noxious weeds or other vegetation problems, call the City of Keizer, 503-856-3438.

Community Development Department ~ The Community Development Department oversees the planning, building and development functions for the City of Keizer, 503-390-3700.

Conflict Resolution ~ See “Meditation.”

Court ~ See “Municipal Court.”

Crime Prevention ~ See “Neighborhood Watch.”

DEQ ~ 503-378-8240

Dead Animals ~ Call the City of Keizer, 503-390-3700 to report a dead animal along the roadside, or on public property.

Economic Development Program ~ The Community Development Department provides location information for business prospects and expanding businesses, prepares reports and information on Keizer’s economy, 503-390-3700.

Emergency Management Office ~ Develops plans for the City to prepare for, and respond to emergency situations. Works with emergency response agencies, volunteer groups, business and industry, school, and other local, State and Federal officials to coordinate emergency preparedness. For additional information, contact 503-390-3700.

Electric Companies ~ Two electric companies serve Keizer. Contact PGE at 503-399-7717 or Salem Electric at 503-362-8247.

Fence Disputes ~ See “Mediation.”

Fence Regulations ~ Fence regulations are included in the Development Code. For further information, contact the Planning Division, 503-856-3441.

Fire Alarm Testing ~ For notification of fire alarm testing, general fire alarm questions. Contact the Keizer Fire District Fire Prevention Division, 503-390-9111.

Fire Chief’s Office
Keizer Fire District, 503-390-9111
Marion County Fire District #1, 503-588-6526

Fire Hydrants ~ No parking within 10 feet of fire hydrants. Hydrants blocked by automobiles, please contact the Keizer Police Dept., at 503-390-3713. For leaking or damaged fire hydrants, contact the Public Works Department, 503-390-3700.

Floodplain Information ~ The City provides floodplain elevation determinations for residential and commercial properties within the City. For more information, call the Planning Department, 503-856-3441.

Garbage ~ The Keizer area is served by two sanitation companies. Loren's Sanitation, at 503-393-2262 or Valley Recycling & Disposal, at 503-585-4300.

Hazardous Material Codes ~ Hazardous Material code questions can be directed to the Keizer Fire District, 503-390-9111.

Hazardous Materials Spills ~ For emergent in-progress spills, call 9-1-1.

House Moving Permits ~ A City permit is required to move a single-family house along the public right-of-way. For more information, contact the Planning Department, 503-390-3700.

Juvenile Firesetter Problems ~ For Juvenile Firesetter issues, contact Keizer Fire District, 503-390-9111 for intervention and help.

Library ~ Salem Public Library, contact at 503-588-6052 or the Keizer Reading Connection at 503-390-2370

Lights, Traffic and Street ~ To report problems with traffic signals, call City of Keizer Public Works Department, 503-390-3700. To report a street light out in your area, call PGE, 503-390-1115 or Salem Electric, 503-362-3601.

Maps ~ Street maps of Keizer are available at City Hall, 930 Chemawa Rd NE., Keizer or at Keizer Chamber of Commerce, 980 Chemawa Rd NE., Keizer. Zoning maps are available for a fee through the Planning Department, 503-856-3441.

Marion County Fire District #1 ~ For fire district business, 503-588-6526, for burn info – 503-588-6420. Headquarters located at 300 Cordon Rd NE, Salem.

Mayor’s Office ~ Call City Hall, 503-390-3700

Mediation ~ See “Mediation” in the yellow pages of your phonebook  

Municipal Court ~ The Clerk’s Office is located at City Hall, 930 Chemawa Rd NE, and is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or contact them at 503-390-3700.

Natural Gas ~ The Keizer area is served by NW Natural, 503-585-6611

Neighborhood Associations ~ Volunteer representatives from these committees advise the Mayor and Council on matters such as land use, traffic, safety and other neighborhood livability issues. For information on the Neighborhood Associations, contact City Hall, 503-390-3700.

Neighborhood Watch ~ A Community Policing Officer is available to speak to individuals, schools, neighborhoods or organizations to provide information on securing a home, car, valuables, business and family. Contact the Keizer Police Department for more information, 503-390-3713.

Newspapers ~ The Keizer area is served by three local newspapers.

Keizertimes, 503-390-1051    

Statesman Journal, 503-399-6611

The Oregonian, 503-538-3011


Noise Disturbance ~ For noise from barking dogs, construction activities, loud machinery, stereos, parties, etc. should be reported to the Keizer Police Department for more information, 503-390-2000.

Parking Disputes ~ See “Mediation.”

Parks Department ~ The Parks Department is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the City’s parks, and approval of sprinkler systems installed within Keizer city limits, 503-390-3700. For park reservations, 503-390-3700.

Permits ~ Street vendors (for fireworks sales, etc.) can obtain a temporary use permit through City Hall, 503-856-3440.

Planning Department ~ The Planning Department handles zone changes, conditional use permits, partitioning requests, etc., answers about development, property ownership and zoning, and provides technical assistance to the Community Development Department. Call 503-856-3441.

Police Department ~ The mission of the Keizer Police Department is to enforce laws governing criminal conduct, encourage self-compliance with laws and regulations, and reduce the opportunities for crime.

Police Emergency:  Dial 9-1-1
Police Business Office: 503-390-3713
Non-Emergency Dispatch: 503-390-2000
Nuisance Abatement: 503-390-3813
To report an Incident: 503-390-2000
Community Policing: 503-390-3713

Post Office ~ Keizer Branch, 800-275-8777

Property Maintenance Disputes ~ See “Mediation.”

Public Works Department ~ The Public Works Department is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the City of Keizer, including water, streets, traffic signals and street signs. Contact the Public Works Department at 503-390-3700.

Recycling ~ For general recycling information, call the Marion County Solid Waste Recycling Information at 503-588-5169. For recycling and garbage hauler issues pertaining to Keizer, contact City Hall, 503-390-3700.

Salem Fire Department ~ Headquarters located at 370 Trade St. SE, Salem, 503-588-6245.

Schools ~ Local public school is the Salem-Keizer School District, 503-370-5200

Seatbelt Diversion Classes ~ The Keizer Fire District holds diversion classes as needed for those who have received a citation for not wearing their seatbelt. Contact Keizer Fire District for more information, 503-390-9111.

Signs, Commercial ~ Contact the Planning Department at 503-856-3438 for a sign permit and regulations.

Signs, Street and Traffic ~ City street and regulatory signs are installed and maintained by the Public Works Department. To report a missing or damaged sign, call 503-390-3700.

Smoke Detectors ~ Keizer Fire District will respond to calls to check or install smoke detectors for Keizer Fire District residents. Call 503-390-9111 for more information.

Street Repair ~ The Public Works Department will repair broken streets, potholes, or any unsafe roadway condition. To report an unsafe situation, call 503-390-3700.

Street Signs ~ To receive information on how to request a street sign or traffic sign, call the Public Works Department at 503-390-3700.

Street Trees ~ For information or assistance with street trees (trees located between the curb and the sidewalk), contact the Public Works Department, 503-390-3700.

Tax Lot Numbers ~ Maps and tax lot numbers are available upon request from the Planning Department, 503-390-3700.

Tours ~ Fire Station Tour: For a tour of the Keizer Fire Station (661 Chemawa Rd NE), call 503-390-9111.
Police Department Tour: For a tour of the Keizer Police Department (930 Chemawa Rd NE.) call 503-390-3700.

Traffic Infractions ~ Questions about traffic fines should be directed to the Municipal Court Clerk, 503-390-3700.

Underground Utility Marking ~ Call before you dig! 1-800-332-2344.

Victim/Witness Assistance Program ~ 503-378-5348.

Volunteer Firefighter Opportunities ~ Contact the Keizer Fire District Training Division, 503-390-9111.

Wastewater Maintenance ~ Keizer contracts its wastewater maintenance to the City of Salem. For information, call 503-588-6333.

Water/Sewer Billing ~ To start or stop water service, or for questions about a water or sewer bill, 503-393-1608

Water Meters and Service ~ Installation and repair of meters and services is the responsibility of the Public Works Department. To have a water leak (between the water main and water meter) repaired, call 503-390-3700 or 503-393-1608 after 5 PM or weekends.

Water Source and Treatment ~ The Keizer city water system receives water from fourteen wells located throughout the City of Keizer. For more information, contact Public Works Department, 503-390-3700.

Weeds ~ For problems involving tall grass, weeds, berry vines and poison oak, contact City Hall, 503-856-3438.

Woodburn Fire District ~ 503-982-2360.

Woodstoves ~ Keizer Fire District does not inspect woodstoves for insurance purposes. For regulations / inspections concerning woodstoves, contact the Marion County Building Department, 503-588-5147.

Yard Clean-Up Day ~ On specified Saturdays, Keizer residents are given the opportunity to dispose of leaves. No garbage or other debris is allowed. Watch your local newspaper for information on dates and times, or call City Hall, 503-390-3700.





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