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Keizer Fire District
661 Chemawa Road NE
Keizer, Oregon 97303
PHONE: 503-390-9111
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Fire Marshal Educates Keizer Residents on Illegal Fireworks

Bottle Rockets
Bottle Rockets

The Keizer Fire District and the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal joined forces on the evening of July 4, 2008 to educate Keizer residents on the dangers and potential fines associated with using illegal fireworks.

Deputy Fire Marshal Rod Conway and Anita Phillips from the State Fire Marshal's Office spent approximately 5 hours on the 4th of July seeking out people using illegal fireworks on the streets of Keizer. When the team found someone using illegal fireworks they would first confiscate the illegal fireworks found and then spend some time educating people on the dangers and potential consequences of using them.

Conway said that he and Phillips seized illegal fireworks from several locations with a total value of about $500. "Most of the people contacted were pretty cool", Conway said. He also said he and Phillips talked to many people that appreciated the efforts of the team to stem the apparent rise in the use of illegal fireworks. No citations were issued this year.

Conway said that it seems like more and more people are traveling out of state to purchase fireworks that are illegal in Oregon. Conway reminded people that just because they are legal somewhere else does not mean they can be used in Oregon.

In Keizer firefighters responded to three fire caused by fireworks over the 4th of July weekend. Two of the fires involved legal fireworks being used improperly. An arborvitae fire on July 4th and a tree fire on July 6th were caused by people lighting legal fireworks and throwing them from the second floor of residences. Another arborvitae fire on July 6th was started by a person using illegal fireworks, a bottle rocket. Total damage was estimated at $500. District officials said that while that number is rather low, it is an increase in fireworks related calls from 2006.

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