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Keizer Fire District
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Keizer, Oregon 97303
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Change Your Clock, Check Your Battery
Friday, October 27, 2006

As Keizer residents “fall back” on Sunday, October 29, 2006 by setting their clocks back one hour, the Keizer Fire District wants to remind residents to checking the batteries in their smoke alarms or, in some cases, replacing their old smoke alarms with new ones.

Studies by the National Fire Protection Agency indicate that smoke alarms should be replaced every ten years. Their studies found that one out of four alarms may not be functional due to the age of the alarm, as well as dead or missing batteries.

In 1997 the State of Oregon mandated that all battery operated smoke alarms sold in Oregon must have a ten year battery. Residents who have purchased smoke alarms in Oregon since 1997 should check their alarms to be sure they have a ten-year battery. If they do, fire official remind them they do not have to change the battery. In the new smoke alarms the battery is designed to last as long as the smoke alarm itself. 

Examples of smoke alarms that do not have ten-year batteries are smoke alarms sold before 1997 or smoke alarms wired to the residences electrical system with a battery back up. If the smoke alarm is wired to the electrical system of the home, a ten-year battery is not required.

Working smoke alarms more than double a person’s chance of escaping a fire in their home.

So please remember, when you change your clock on October 29th, take the extra minute it takes to protect your family by making sure your families smoke alarms are in good working condition  Then remember to test your smoke alarms once a month.

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